3. Deutsche Python-Konferenz

14. - 19. Oktober 2013, Köln

Session: ABGESAGT: Packaging and Testing with Python

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Raum 4 (Haus 6)
14. Oktober 2013 von 13:30 - 17:00

Achtung: Dieses Tutorial fällt leider aus!

We explore basic packaging activities using the latest tools from the Python ecosystem. We will setup our own PyPI server and use it for testing a release before pushing it to the public Python Package index. In several hands-on exercises we create a package with dependencies and walk through best practises for package management, particularly for organising company workflows.

The tutorial covers:

  • introduction into current standards (30 minutes)
  • basic setup.py file creation for metadata (30 minutes)
  • setuptools mechanisms to specify dependencies (30 minutes)
  • setting up a private PyPI server with devpi (30 minutes)
  • testing a package (30 minutes)
  • pushing a package to the public index (30 minutes)

The slides will be in english. Talking language will be english, to be determined at the tutorial start.

You need to bring a working Python interpreter and be prepared to edit files and execute command line utilities.

Tools we will be using: pip/easy_install, virtualenv, devpi, tox and pytest.