3. Deutsche Python-Konferenz

14. - 19. Oktober 2013, Köln


Continuum Analytics is Gold Sponsor of PyCon.DE 2013

16. Oktober 2013

Please welcome our Gold sponsor Continuum Analytics.

Continuum Analytics is a premier provider of Python-based data analytics tools, training, and consulting services with offices in the US and Europe. Led by Travis Oliphant (author of NumPy, co-author of SciPy) and Peter Wang (author of Chaco), Continuum’s team of world-class scientific Python developers work to revolutionize analysis and visualization by moving high-level code and domain expertise to data.

Built on proven, open-source technologies and integrated within existing IT environments, Continuum Analytics’ tools allow organizations to make critical business decisions based on data quickly, easily, inexpensively and with flexibility.

Continuum’s product set includes Wakari (www.wakari.io), an in-browser Python data analysis environment, and Anaconda, a free enterprise-ready Python distribution with 90+ libraries. Accelerate for fast multicore/GPU computations, IOPro for memory-efficient data loading, and MKL Optimizations for speed-boosted NumPy and SciPy can be added on to the Anaconda distribution for improved performance.

Continuum also offers training courses year-round, virtually or on-site at your place of business worldwide. Courses include Practical Python, Python for Finance, Python for Science, and custom courses. Additionally, Continuum provides consulting services for clients all over the world.

For more information, please visit www.continuum.io or contact Dr. Yves J. Hilpisch, Managing Director Europe, under europe@continuum.io


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